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Silencer SLRF92 2Way Keyless Alarm Remote H50TR60

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This remote has an LED display and transmits it's signal on a frequency of 915MHz in a 2Way Transmission. This remote originally had the part number SLRF92, but Magnadyne replaced this remote with SLRF90 and SLRF90A that look the same and function the same, minus the scroll feature. The scroll feature was deemed needless and was taken out as it was calculated that it was draining the remote's battery too fast. This remote works on the Silencer model SL-52FM alarm and remote start system.

Programming procedure:
1. Turn the ignition 'switch' OFF/ON 3 times and stay in the ON position.
Within 15 seconds.
2. Push the Valet switch 3 times and hold it on the 3rd push, when a long chirp is heard then release the valet switch. You are now in the transmitter programming mode.
3. Press any button on the first transmitter until the siren responds with a confirming chirp; the first transmitter is now programmed.
4. Apply the same procedure to program up to 4 transmitters.
5. Turn the ignition to the OFF position, or leave it for 15 seconds. 3 long chirps and 3 parking light flashes will confirm that you exited programming mode.
Note: If more than 4 transmitters are programmed, the system will only keep the last four.