Key Fob Signal Blocker - The Car Key Faraday Pouch

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In the past few years, Relay Style Car Thefts have become more common as 2way and smart keys have become more commonly equipped on newer vehicles.  You may have seen on the news reports about an increase in car thefts in your neighborhood.  The criminals use devices that snoop your remote's signal and then their device sends a signal that your car thinks is the key fob.  This allows them to enter your car and steal your belongings and sometimes the car itself.

By using a Faraday pouch the signals will not be able to be snooped from your key fob at all because the RFID blocking layer in the pouch prevents any of the signals from traveling outside the pouch.

The pouch has a pocket for an RFID card or credit card as well as a car key fob (see photo 6.)  This will prevent theft from your financial accounts or proximity home/work security systems as well as your car with a smart key system.