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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

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Audiovox PROOE3C17 |ELVATOI (ATOE)|with Programming

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This remote comes with easy programming instructions to make the system in your car accept this remote.  Battery is included.  This remote has been tested to ensure it sends proper signals.  We have free tech support to help you complete the programming.  The FCC ID on the back of the PROOE3C17 remote is ELVATOI.  The FCC ID on the back of the PROOE3C18 remote is ELVATOF.  They are the same remote in every way except the color of the top two buttons is red and blue on the PROOE3C17 and PROOE3C18, respectively.  The remote has 3 buttons an a yellow LED light.   This remote works on these Audiovox systems: PRO9246FT3, PRO9845B, PRO9842B, PRO2KAKD.  The circuit board number of PROOE3C17 is ATOE.  The circuit board number of PROOE3C18 is ATOB.  The remote says part number PROOE3C on the back even though that is not Audiovox's part number for it.  This is an Audivox Type 2 transmitter meaning it can be used to replace any other Type 2 transmitter and any Type 2 transmitter can subsitiute for this.

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