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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

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Audiovox PROOE222 |ELVAT8C ELVAT7A|with Programming

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This remote has an FCC ID of ELVAT8C.  The first Audiovx part number was PROOE2.  Later the PROOE221 and finally PROOE222 before all three part numbers were discontinued.  The circuit board number of the PROOE2 was AT7E.  The other two both have a circuit board number of AT0J.  The frequency is 302 MHz.  This remote features two buttons.  The left button does Lock and Unlock if your system does keyless entry and Arm and Disarm if the system does alarm.  Many systems are set up for both keyless entry and alarm.  The right button is usually not used but can operate a second channel if your system has been set up for it.

The remote is tested on a keyless entry tester to verify signal strength, proper signal, and battery.  To perform programming of the system to add a new remote you will use the valet button that came with your system.  It is usually mounted to the driver's lower dash or above the pedals or on the kickpanel.  If your installer didn't put the valet button during installation, you can still perform programming but you will need to find the receiver under the dash.

Free technical support is included with your purchase. 


To program the remote to your system:

1.  Turn the key to ON.

2.  Press the Valet/Programming button 3 times.  You may hear confirmation sounds.

3.  Press the left button on the remote for up to 3 seconds.  If you heard sound in step 2 you will hear one now to confirm the left button learned.

4.  Press the Valet/Programming button once.  Confirmation sounds again.

5.  Press the right button on the remote for up to 3 seconds.  Confirmation sounds again.

6.  Remove the key then test remote.

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