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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

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Orbit NAHTDK4 5 Button Remote Key Fob

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Remote control for Orbit vehicle-security systems. This key fob remote will need to be programmed to your alarm system.  Compatible with the following Nordic and Orbit and Autostart Systems: AS1812 AS1822FM AS1835 AS1855FM AS1872 AS1882FM AS6320FM AS6380FM.  It can also be used as a Companion One-Way Remote for the following systems: AS2300iTW-FM AS2300TW AS2310TW-FM AS2350TW-FM AS2360iTW-FM AS2360TW AS2400TW-FM AS2450TW-FM AS2520TW AS2580TW AS2600iTW-FM AS2600TW AS2660iTW-FM AS2660TW ASL-550TW-FM AS6400iTW-FM AS6400TW AS6450TW AS6460TW AS6520TW AS6580TW AS6600TW AS660iTW-FM AS6650TW-FM AS6660TW AS6850TW-FM

Programming Procedure:
NOTE: The Programming Assistance Button (PAB):
The PAB is located on the side of the module. This push button mimics the hood-pin switch in order to avoid having to get out of the vehicle to press the hood-pin switch. The PAB will work only when the hood is up.
Entering Programming Mode:
1. Press and hold the hood pin for 4 seconds.
2. Release the hood pin. The parking lights will turn ON.
3. While the parking lights are ON, press the hood pin once more and release immediately. The parking lights will turn ON and stay ON for 20 seconds. You are now in programming mode.
Once the system is in programming mode, you will have up to 20 seconds to select the transmitter programming mode. If you fail to select the transmitter programming mode before the 20 second delay, the system will exit programming mode. To enter the transmitter programming mode:
1. Before the lights go out, turn the ignition key to the ON (Run) position and immediately to the OFF position.
2. Press and hold the lock button on the transmitter and keep it down until the siren chirps twice.
The transmitter has now been stored in the memory. To exit programming mode, close the hood.
Each unit can store up to 4 remotes in it's memory. To program a transmitter to a second vehicle for multi-car operation, you must press the trunk button (instead of lock or unlock) in step 2 of the transmitter programming procedure.

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