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Autopage XT-33 Replacement Transmitter FCC ID: H50T21

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This remote has an FCC ID of H50T21.  It is commonly mispelled as H5OT21.  This remote transmits at 434MHz and has a remote start and a keyless entry button.  This XT-33 remote was made for the Autopage RF-215, RF-220, RF-315, RF-420, RS725LCD, RS727LCD, RS-660, RS-662, and RS-622.  XT-33 can be used to replace XT-42LCD, XT-59, XT-60, XT-61, XT-62, XT-65S, and XT-72S.  Those remotes worked on:  RS-622, RF-420LCD, RF-305, RF-310, RF-405, RF-410, RS-650Plus, RS-610Plus, RF-1050KE, RF-1055KE, RF-105KE, RS-727LCD, RS-662. Our remotes are tested on keyless entry signal testers before we ship it to you.  Free tech support is available to help you program the vehicle to accept the remote.


  1. Turn the Ignition 'switch ??FF/ON??3 TIMES and stay in the
  2. ??N??position. Within 15 seconds.
  3. Push the Programming switch
  4. 2 times holding in on the 2nd push, until a long chirp from the horn (optional) and the LED starts to flash then release the valet switch. You are now in the Transmitter programming mode.
  5. Press the ??ock??button on the transmitter until a chirp from the horn / a flash from the parking light / the LED turns on for 2 seconds to confirming the first transmitter is now programmed.
  6. Repeat step 3 to program 2nd, 3rd and 4th remotes if you have.
  7. Exit programming mode: Turn Ignition to 'OFF' position, or leave it for 15 seconds. 3 long chirps & 3 parking light flashes will confirm exit.

Popular product questions:

Questions: Autopage XT-33 remote start has lost its programming when new keys were programmed for the passive anti-theft system on the truck. Remote Start cranks but doesn?? turn over.

Answers: Most likely, the transponder key in the bypass module has been erased.  Put one of the newly programmed keys inside it and remote start should work.

Questions: Once my XT 33 auto start is activated how long does it stay on? Is there an auto shut off

Answers: The system owner?? manual tells you how to adjust the run timer.

Questions: Will the  Autopage XT-33 be compatible with a XT-72LCD?

Answers: If your old remote is a XT-72LCD and the system in your car is RS-725LCD or RS-727LCD then the XT-33 will work.  The XT-72LCD can also work on RS-720 and RS-520 which the XT-33 doesn?? work with.