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Viper 7945V 2-Way Responder Remote

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Technical Details:
2-Way OLED Color Remote Control
Model: 7945V
Color: Black
1 mile range
4-Button Transmitter With OLED Display
NOTE: The Viper 7941V and 7944V are discontinued and replaced by the NEW GEN3 Viper 7945V

Micro USB charging port
New key-chain loop instead of swivel

Works with the following Viper systems:
Viper 4702V
Viper 4704V
Viper 5702V
Viper 5704V
Viper 5904V
Viper 5906V

Will also work with Clifford and Python 2-way Supercode 2-way color remotes:
Clifford 7941X
Clifford 7944X
Python 7941P