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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

If you're here without checking your existing remote's FCC ID/Part Number or your system model under the dash, please contact us at:


Autocommand-DesignTech 20051-25551 Remote Start Remote ELGTRAN2 1 Button

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Autocommand-DesignTech made this rectangular and hourglass shaped remotes with the same codes.  They are the same exact remote just with a different shape.  Both are discontinued so we sell a replacement which looks different but works the same.  The original remote's FCC ID was ELGTRAN2.  The part numbers for the two styles were 20051 and 25551.

If you have one of these systems in your car then this will work: Models 20021, 20023, 20721, 20723, 20921, 23723, and 20923, AutoCommand Pro 55 Series, Remote Car Starter model #s 25521 and 25523

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