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OEM Ford Remote Starter Key Fob PN: 8L3D-15K601-AA, 7L3J-15K601-AA

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Part Number: 8L3D-15K601-AA, 7L3J-15K601-AA

The frequency is 434 MHz.  This has 6 buttons: Panic, Lock, Unlock, 1, 2, Remote Start.  The programming instructions are included in the package.  This remote can often be found on Ford vehicles. This remote is from a dealership installed remote start system.  That means that if you buy a car brand new from the Mazda dealership and it had no remote start and they sold you that upsell they would install it at the dealership.

Programming Procedure:

A. Open the driver's door (press and hold in brake pedal on Remote Start only system - RMST);
Note: On vehicles with negative polarity door ajar switch input circuits (Refer to the vehicle specific programming section), the door is closed during this step unless door ajar switch input polarity option has been previously changed to negative.
B. Turn the ignition key to ON or RUN position.
C. Press and hold the programming/override button. After 10 secons the horn will chirp 3 times indicating the system is no in programming mode.
D. Release the programming/override button.
E. Press the transmitter button 1 (Lock button on RKE/VSS/RMST, except RMST system which is remote start button) on the remote. The horn will chirp one tome to indicate that the remote has been programmed.

The following vehicles can use this remote when equipped with the dealer installed keyless entry system:

Ford E-150 (2009-2014), Ford E-250 (2009-2015), Ford E-350 Super Duty (2009-2015), Ford E-450 Super Duty (2009-2015), Ford Edge (2009-2010), Ford Escape (2009), Ford Explorer (2009-2010), Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2009-2010), Ford F-150 (2009), Ford Focus (2009), Ford Fusion (2007-2009), Ford Mustang (2009-2010), Ford Ranger (2009-2011), Ford Taurus (2009), Ford Taurus X (2009), Lincoln Mark LT (2007-2008), Lincoln MKX (2007-2010), Lincoln MKZ (2009), Mercury Grand Marquis (2009), Mercury Mariner (2009), Mercury Milan (2009), Mercury Mountaineer (2009-2010), Mercury Sable (2009).

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