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Code Alarm CAT4P Keyless Starter Remote H5OT66

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New Code Alarm CAT4P Keyless Starter Remote H5OT59 H5OT66 with programming instructions and battery included free.

Works on these Code Alarm systems: CA100, CA1050, CA1051, CA1053, CA1055, CA1150, CA1151, CA1153, CA1155, CA1550, CA1551, CA1552, CA1553, CA1B, CA1B5, CA1BTW, CA1BTW5, CA2050, CA2051, CA4050, CA4051, CA4053, CA4054, CA4055, CA4552, CA4553, CA4554, CA4555, CA5050, CA5051, CA5053, CA5054, CA5055, CA5150, CA5152, CA5153, CA6150, CA6151, CA6153, CA6550, CA6551, CA6552, CA6553.

Programming Procedure:

Transmitter Programming - Feature Bank 1:

1. Turn the ignition ON.
2. Press and hold the valet/override button.
3. Within 10 seconds the system will chirp (3) three times.
4. Press 1 button of each transmitter you wish to program.
5. The system will respond with 1 chirp for each accepted transmitter.
6. Pressing the override button at anytime during programming will advance to the next bank.

NOTE: The system will exit transmitter programming after 15 seconds of inactivity.
NOTE: This system has 1 button programming which programs all channels of the system.
NOTE: The system will hold up to 4 transmitters in memory, programming a 5th transmitter will erase the oldest transmitter in memory.
NOTE: This system has PTN - Programmed Transmitter Notification. Each time the ignition is turned ON, the LED will flash the number of transmitters programmed to the system.

Manual Feature Programming - Feature Bank 2 - 5:

1. Turn the ignition ON.
2. Press and hold the valet/override button.
3. Within 10 seconds the system will chirp (3) three times.
4. Use the valet/override button to advance through each option bank. For feature programming advance to Feature Bank 2, or 3, which is (4) four, and (5) five chirps.
5. Use the transmitter button to scroll through the selections in each feature bank, the system will chirp to match the feature number.
6. Press the transmitter button to change the desired feature. The LED will flash indicating the changed feature.

Defaulting All Features: Pressing the button anytime while in any of the feature banks will default all features and return you to feature bank 2 - 4 chirps.

NOTE: The system will remain in feature programming mode as long as the ignition is on, there is no time limit. To exit programming turn the IGNITION OFF.

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