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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

If you're here without checking your existing remote's FCC ID/Part Number or your system model under the dash, please contact us at:


Code Alarm PT-4-434 |GOH-FOUR 434MHz|with Programming

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Battery included.
Note: You will need to use the valet switch (programming/override button) to perform the programming procedure. It is possible to perform programming without the valet switch but you would need to access the receiver under the dash. We have a troubleshooting procedure for how to do this that we can provide upon request.
Note: Button configurations can vary on this remote. During some years of it's production it looked like it does in the picture. In other years the lock and unlock buttons were black with white icons, panic was red with white icons, and start/key or trunk was blue with white icons. There were others that were all black buttons with no icons or having roman numberal I-II-III-IV icons.

Warning: There are two remotes with GOH-FOUR as an FCC ID.  One of them works on 315MHz and one of them on 434MHz.  You need to order the correct one or it won't work.  This one is for 434MHz only.


1.  Open the driver?? door.  Turn the ignition key ON (turn key all the way forward without starting vehicle).
2.  Press and Hold the programming/override button (located under dash). In approximately 20 seconds the system will start to cycle the door locks and siren (if equipped) 3 times to indicate the system has entered the transmitter learn mode (Do not release the programming/override button).
3.  Press the LOCK button on the un-programmed transmitter. The system will respond by cycling the door locks and the siren (if equipped) one time to indicate the transmitter has been learned.
4.  Repeat step 3 for every remote you want to work on the vehicle (including existing remotes.)
5.  Programming is now complete, let go of the programming/override button and turn ignition off to exit learn mode.

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