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KARR Alarm Replacement Remote ELVAT5H

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KARR is a popular brand with a very small product line.  This 3 button remote is from their most popular system, the KARR 2040a.

That system is usually found in cars that originated in the West Coast of the US.  Many dealerships, especially Toyota dealers used this system as an up-sell for adding either alarm, keyless entry, or both to the vehicle.  

Most users only use the center Arm/Disarm button.  Some people's cars have been wired to operate trunk or panic or both.

If you lost your remote or if it stopped working, you can order a replacement remote here.  The original KARR ELVAT5H remote has been discontinued but clone replacement remotes with longer warranties are available for less than the originals used to cost.

This remote is easy to program.  Programming instructions are included.  Free phone and email tech support available with purchase.  The original remote has an FCC ID of ELVAT5H on it.  It has 3 buttons.  Arm/Disarm, Trunk, and Panic.  There is a red LED light on the original remote.  This remote's codes travel on a frequency of 303 Mhz.

Karr made this remote to work with the Karr 2020, 2020a, 2040, and 2040a systems.  That means if your vehicle uses this remote there is a box wired in under your dash that says one of those model numbers.  Though the original remote has been discontinued by the manufacturer, we still sell the replacement shown.  It programs in using the same instructions as the original, which are included.



Programming Procedure:

1. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition to ON.

2. Move the valet/ bypass switch ON - OFF 3 times. The LED will flash once, and the siren or horn will chirp once.

3. Hold down the center transmitter button for three seconds. This will program button one.

4. If you need to program a second channel then flip the valet / bypass switch ON-OFF. The LED will flash twice and the siren or horn will chirp twice.

5. Hold down button #2 for three seconds.

6. Turn vehicle OFF.

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