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Code Alarm CRCX3-clone |GOH-MM6-101890 GOH-M24 ELVATKC

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Part Number: C-RCX-3

Brand: Avicero

Condition: New

This remote was used by many new car dealerships as a dealer installed remote. This means that if a car was not built with factory keyless entry but when the car was ordered as new, the customer wanted keyless entry or alarm, the dealer ship would install the system that uses this remote. This remote could come with many logos (i.e. ford, chrysler, mitsubishi, subaru, etc...) but they are all made by Code Alarm. All the remotes with these 3 FCC ID's are interchangeably compatible: GOH-M24, GOH-MM6-101890, ELVATKC. This is a Code Alarm Type 1 Remote, meaning it can be used to replace or be replaced by any Type 1 Keyfob. This is a 315 MHz remote. The original remote has 2 buttons.

Programming Procedure:
1. Open the driver?? door.
2. Turn the ignition key ON (turn key all the way forward without starting the vehicle).
3. Press and Hold the programming/override button (located under dash). In pproximately 20 seconds the system will start to cycle the door locks and siren (if equipped) 3 times to indicate the system has entered the transmitter learn mode (Do not release the programming/override button).
4. Press the #1 button on the un-programmed transmitter. The system will respond by cycling the door locks and the siren (if equipped) one time to indicate the transmitter has been learned.
5. All other transmitters (up to four) also need to be programmed at this time.
6. Programming is now complete, let go of the programming/override button
and turn ignition off to exit learn mode.

Works on the following vehicles equipped with a dealership installed system:
Chevrolet Tracker (1998), Chrysler Lebaron (1993-1994), Chrysler Town & Country (1993), Dodge Caravan (1993), Dodge Colt (1993-1997), Dodge Dakota (1993-1996), Dodge Grand Caravan (1993), Dodge Ram Pickup (1994-1996), Dodge Ram Van (1993), Dodge Shadow (1993-1994), Dodge Spirit (1993-1995), Eagle Summit (1995-1996), Eagle Talon (1993-1994), Ford Aerostar (1993-1997), Ford Aspire (1995-1997), Ford Escort (1993-1996), Geo Metro (1993-1997), Geo Prizm (1994-1997), Geo Tracker (1994-1997), Mazda 323 (1993-1994), Mercury Villager (1993-1995), Mitsubishi 3000gt (1997-1998), Mitsubishi Diamante (1997-1998), Mitsubishi Eclipse (1993-1999), Mitsubishi Expo (1994-1995), Mitsubishi Galant (1993-1996), Mitsubishi Mirage (1993-2001), Mitsubishi Montero (1993-2000), Mitsubishi Montero Sport (1997-1999), Mitsubishi Pickup (1993-1996), Mitsubishi Precis (1993-1994), Nissan Quest (1993), Plymouth Acclaim (1993-1995), Plymouth Colt (1993-1997), Plymouth Laser (1993-1994), Plymouth Neon (1995-1996), Pontiac Sunfire (1995), Saturn S-Series (1994-1995), Saturn Wagon (1994-1995), Subaru Forester (1998-2000), Subaru Impreza (1993-2000), Subaru Justy (1993-1994), Subaru Legacy/Outback (1995-1999), Subaru Loyale (1993-1994).

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