2013 Buick Encore FlipKey Remote PN: 13585811 13585814

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Flipkey remote with the FCC ID AVL-B01T1AC and the part number 13585811. This remote features 4 buttons: Lock, Unlock, Remote Start and Panic, tested and guaranteed to work.


Part Number: 13585811, 13585814

Condition: Refurbished Buick

  • Canadian Owners: If you lose or damage your keys, only a GM dealer can service the theft-deterrent system to have new keys made. To program additional kets you will require two current driver's keys. You must add a step to the following procedure. After step 2, repeat steps 1 and 2 with the second current driver's key. Then continue with step 3. To initiate, this procedure requires that a learned master key be available.
  • A total of 10 keys may be programmed to a single vehicle.
  • This procedure adds keys only. The procedure does not erase previously learned keys.
  • The keys to be learned must duplicate the mechanical cut of the current key.
  • If more than one valet key is to be learned, immediately precede each valet key with a learned master key.

Programming procedure:
1. With a previously learned master key, turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
2. Turn OFF the ignition and remove the key.
3. Within 10 seconds of turning OFF the ignition, insert the key to be learned and turn ON the ignition. The vehicle has now learned the new key.
The new Master key should now be programmed into the computer and will start the car. The vehicle's onboard control module has just been programmed to recognize the unique electronic code of the new Master key.

You will need keycutting, and in the event that you don?? already have one working flipkey remote, you will need an automotive locksmith to program your vehicle to work with the new remote. You can find a local licensed automotive locksmith using this website: autolocksmithfinder.com

Works on:

Buick Encore (2013-2016).