2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara Remote FCC ID: KBRTS005, PN: 37180-64J00

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Suzuki Part Nymber: 37180-64J00

Brand: Suzuki

Condition: Pre-owned



Programming instructions:

Note: 4 remotes can be programmed into the receiver. If a 5th remote is programmed it will erase the 1st. If you want to delete a remote then program a remote 4 times. Confirm that all the doors are closed and the key is not in the ignition.

1. Open the driver door.
2. Perform these steps within 10 seconds. Insert the key into ignition and turn to ON position, then
back to OFF and remove key.
3. Within 20 seconds close and open the driver door 3 times.
4. Within 10 seconds insert key into ignition and turn to ON position then back to OFF and remove
5. Press and hold both LOCK and UNLOCK on the remote to be programmed for at least 5 seconds
and then release.
6. Within 5 seconds press the LOCK button on the same remote and release. All doors will
automatically lock and unlock to confirm that remote has been learned.
7. Test remote.
8. Repeat the whole procedure for additional remotes up to four total.