1999 Acura Integra Remote FCC ID: A269ZUA108 PN: 72147-SY8-A03

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This is a honda factory keyless entry remote.  The FCC ID of the remote you will receive is A269ZUA108.  This remote is used on the CL and Integra when they have the system that uses this remote. Most vehicles are equipped but not all.

Vehicles that use this remote are easy to program using the programming procedure attached.  Also, we provide free tech support over the phone to assist you if needed.  This listing is for a refurbished remote. 

This remote has four buttons: LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK and PANIC.  The LOCK and UNLOCK buttons send a signal right away when you press the buttons.  By design, the TRUNK and PANIC button must be pressed for almost 2 seconds to produce a signal.

We test the remote when it arrives at our facility, when we put it in stock, and when we put your order together.  Being tested three times means you can be relatively sure you are going to receive a remote that is sending the appropriate signals and will be accepted by the car.

If you have an old remote for your car and the FCC ID on the back of it is the same as A269ZUA108 then you can be sure this remote will work for you.  The Acura part number for this remote is 72147-SY8-A03.