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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

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Prestige 171BP Starter Remote ELVATNC

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New Prestige 171BP Starter Remote ELVATNC with free tech support.

Works on these Audiovox / Prestige / Pursuit systems: APS25E, APS510E, APS57E, APS901E, APSRS1Z, APSRS3Z, PE1B, PR1B, PR71B, PRO9056E, PRO9556E and PRO9644E.

Programming Procedure:
1. Cycle the vehicle's ignition to ON.
2. Press and release the valet/override button three (3) times. The system will beep one (1) time to indicate it has entered remote control programming.
3. Press the #1 button of each remote control you wish to program. The system will beep and flash the parking lights one (1) time to indicate the remote control is programmed successfully. NOTE: The #1 button is the LOCK button on all keyless entry remote controls or the START button on all one (1) button remote controls.
4. Cycle the vehicle's ignition to OFF to exit programming mode, or cycle the ignition key OFF/ON to advance to the next Feature Bank.
- The system will store in the memory a maximum of four (4) remote controls.
Additional programmed remote controls will delete the oldest programmed remote control.
- The system will accept a maximum of two (2) 2-Way remote controls.
- During normal operation, the Programmed Transmitter Notification (PTN) function indicates how many remote controls are programmed by flashing the LED a certain number of times when the vehicle ignition is turned on.
Deleting All Remotes:
1. Perform steps one (1) and two (2) above.
2. Press and hold the Valet/Override button for five (5) seconds.
3. The system will sound one (1) long beep. This indicates all remotes have been deleted from memory.

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