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Prestige 91MP Keyless Starter Remote H5OT46

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Used Prestige 91MP Keyless Starter Remote H5OT46 with programming instructions and battery included free.

Works on these Audiovox / Prestige / Pursuit systems:  APS101, APS101N, APS45C, APS45N, APS520, APS620, APS620N, APS920, PA420C, PA620C, PA720C, PA920C and PRO9845N.

Programming Procedure:

1. Enter the vehicle, and turn the ignition key to the ??n??position.

2. Press and release the valet/override/program push button switch 3 times.

3. The dash LED will flash one time and the siren will ??hirp??1 time indicating the system is ready to accept programming for channel 1 Lock/Arm and Panic.

4. Press and hold the lock button of the first transmitter until the parking lights flash and a long chirp is heard from the siren.

Repeat for each transmitter to be programmed. Note a maximum of 4 transmitters can be programmed.

Turn the ignition switch off or allow 15 seconds of inactivity to exit the transmitter program mode.

By completing the above, both buttons of the transmitters are programmed into their default location.

Lock Button = Lock/Arm, Panic On & Off

Unlock Button = Unlock/Disarm, Panic On & Off

Trunk Button = Trunk Release, Panic Cancel. Press & Hold 2.5 seconds to release trunk, Press while Panic Sounding to cancel panic immediately.

Option Button = Use for an additional external function or a second vehicle similarly equipped with an Audiovox Alarm.


The transmitter incorporates a small LED visible through the case which is used to indicate battery condition. You will notice a decrease in transmitter range as the battery condition deteriorates.

Transmitter battery replacement is recommended at least every 10 to 12 months, depending upon how frequently the transmitter is used.

91MP Uses Two CR2016 Lithium Battery

To replace the battery in the 91PM Transmitter

1) Remove the 3 #0 Pt. Philips Head Screws in the back of the case shown.

2) Remove the rear cover to access the discharged batteries paying attention to the proper polarity orientation.

3) Carefully remove and properly dispose of the discharged batteries.

4) Insert the new batteries, than carefully snap closed the transmitter case.

5) If you accidently dislodge the circuit board from the transmitter housing, be certain that the rubber membrane is seated properly, and the buttons are properly exposed from the front view of the case, then insert the circuit board, and return to step #4.

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