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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

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Prestige 101BP Starter Remote ELVATJB

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New Prestige 101BP Starter Remote ELVATJB with programming instructions and battery included free.

Works on these Audiovox / Prestige / Pursuit systems: APS25C, APS422E, APS510C, APS57C, APS57CA, APS596C, APS687C, APS787C, APS901C, APS922E, APS997C, PRO9051E, PRO9051i, PRO9056C, PRO9056i, PRO9276C, PRO9276i, PRO9276TW, PRO9556C, PRO9556CA, PRO9556i, PRO9644C, PRO9644i, RO9776C, PRO9776i, PRO9801C and PRO9801i.


1) Turn the ignition to the on position.
2) Press and release the programming switch 3 times.
3) Press and hold, for 3 seconds, the button of the transmitter you wish to add until the parking light flashes, indicating the transmitter has been learned.
4) Repeat step 3 for each transmitter up to a total of 4 transmitters.
5) Turn the ignition off to exit the program mode.

NOTE: Do not allow more than 15 seconds to lapse between steps or the program mode will automatically exit and you will have to start over.

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