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Please note that aftermarket remote controls are not universally compatible. They are designed for specific aftermarket systems.

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Code Alarm PT-5 |GOH-FRDPC2002 GOH-TSM-23|w/Program

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This remote works on the following Code Alarm systems: Elite 4800, Elite 6800, PRO 3800.  Button configurations can vary on this remote. During some years of it's production it looked like it does in the picture. In other years the lock and unlock buttons were black with white icons, panic was red with white icons, and start/key or trunk was blue with white icons. There were others that were all black buttons with no icons or having roman numberal I-II-III-IV icons.  The FCC ID of the Code alarm version is GOH-FRDPC2002 and the Chapman's is GOH-TSM-23.  The remote is a Code Alarm Type 13 Remote and it is discontinued by the manufacturer.  This remote's frequency is 433 MHz.  It has 4 buttons.


Note: The system will retain the last 4 remote codes programmed.  The 5th remote knocks out the 1st, and so on...  This system has 1 button programming which programs all channels of the system.

1.  Turn the ignition key ON (turn key all the way forward without starting vehicle).
2.  Press and Hold the valet-programming-override button (located under dash). In approximately 10 seconds the system will chirp/flash parking lights 3 times.  Release the button.
3.  Press the #1 button (top left when key-ring hole is at bottom) on the remote you wish to program. The system will respond with a chirp.
4.  All other remotes (up to four) also need to be programmed at this time the same as in step 3.
5.  Turn ignition off to exit programming mode. 

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