2016 Chevrolet Malibu Limited Flipkey Remote PN: 13500319 13584829 13585399 13531359

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This remote features 5 buttons: Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Remote Start and Panic. This remote sends it's signals on a frequency of 315Mhz. This remote will work for your vehicle if your vehicle is equipped with factory keyless entry.

GM Part Numbers: 13500319, 13584829, 13585399, 13531359
Strattec Part Number: 5921873
FCC ID: OHT05918179
Brand: Avicero
Condition: Brand New Aftermarket

Programming Procedure:

A new transmitter can be programmed to the vehicle when there is one recognized transmitter. To program, the vehicle must be off and all of the transmitters, both currently recognized and new, must be with you.

1. Place the recognized transmitter(s) in the cupholder.
2. Insert the vehicle key of the new transmitter into the key lock cylinder located on the outside of
the driver door and turn the key to the unlock position five times within ten seconds. The Driver
Information Center (DIC) displays "Ready For Remote number 2, 3, 4 or 5."
3. Place the new transmitter into the transmitter pocket. The transmitter pocket is located inside
the center console storage area under the cupholder. The cupholder will need to be pulled out
to access the transmitter pocket.
4. Press the ignition. When the transmitter is learned, the DIC display will show that it is ready to
program the next transmitter.
5. Remove the transmitter from the transmitter pocket and press the unlock button.
To program additional transmitters, repeat Steps 3 through 5. When all additional transmitters are
programmed, press and hold the ignition for 5 seconds to exit the programming mode.

You will need key cutting, and in the case that you don't already have a recognized transmitter you can use the link below to locate a licensed local automotive locksmith.


Works on:
Chevrolet SS (2014-2017), Chevrolet Malibu (2013-2015), Chevrolet Malibu Limited (2016), Chevrolet Impala (2014-2021), Chevrolet Cruze (2011-2015), Chevrolet Cruze Limited (2016)