2015 Ford Flex Remote Head Key PN: 5912560,164-R8070

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Important: Before purchasing, please make sure that your remote head key looks identical and matches both the part number and FCC ID listed below:


Rotunda Part Number is 164-R8070

Ford Part Number: MBC3T-15K601

Strattec Part Number: 5912560

Chip ID: TEXAS ID 4D 63 80 BIT

Frequency: 315Mhz

Battery: Included

If you have any doubts or questions please contact us before purchasing.

This 3 buttons fully assembled remote head key includes the battery and uncut blade. 

Available Options:

New OEM - 100% OEM remote out of the original package. might be sealed if available

Refurbished OEM - original circuit board in a new aftermarket shell if the original case condition did not meet the quality standards. 

New Aftermarket - premium quality Avicero brand new aftermarket no logo replacement.

New Custom Replacement - custom ford style flipkey replacement fully compatible with 3 buttons ford remote head key with Texas 4D63 80 Bit chip. 

Key cutting
Any locksmith can cut the key to match a working key. An automotive locksmith can cut the key if there is no working key.

Programming Info:

If you have two already working and programmed remote head keys then you can self-program additional remote head keys using an easy-to-use onboard programming procedure. Instructions are included with the purchase. If you have less than two working keys programming can be done only by a professional locksmith using a special scan tool.