To add a new Master Key into vehicle’s computer:
  1. Have all windows and doors shut.
  2. Stand outside vehicle.
  3. From outside lock the door with your master key.
  4. From outside unlock the door with your master key.
  5. Enter vehicle and close door.
  6. Start engine then turn engine off and remove master key.
  7. Insert master key in ignition but do not turn.
  8. Within 35 seconds, moving quickly at an even pace:
    1. depress and release the accelerator pedal 5 times
    2. depress and release brake pedal 6 times
    3. Remove master key
    4. Be sure security light is off, otherwise repeat above steps.
  9. Within 10 seconds insert new key in ignition but don’t turn.
  10. Depress and release accelerator pedal once.
  11. Wait up to 80 seconds for security light to stop flashing.
  12. Remove new key from ignition.
  13. Depress brake pedal hard and release to exit programming mode.
  14. Wait 15 seconds to allow computer to reset.
  15. Test key by trying to start vehicle.