Section A – (If you have two unique working keys to start the engine, then you can use the procedure below to add more yourself)
  1. Insert an existing key into the ignition.
  2. Turn the ignition to ON (RUN) and back to OFF.
  3. Remove the existing key and within 5 seconds insert the other existing key and turn it to ON (RUN) then back to OFF.
  4. Insert the new key before 10 seconds have elapsed, and turn it to ON (RUN). Leave it ON for 1 second and turn back to OFF.
  5. The security light will light up for 3 seconds to indicate programming has been successful.
Section B - (If you do not have two unique working keys that already start the engine)
Since you do not have two unique working keys to start the engine, you will need a dealer or automotive locksmith to program the vehicle to accept the new key. Please use an automotive locksmith rather than the dealer. Use the link below to locate a local automotive locksmith.
Locksmiths make their prices based on their local market as well as the cost of the equipment used for your programming/cutting. Locksmith equipment for key cutting and vehicle programming is very expensive and most of the charge is to compensate them for their initial equipment investment.
An automotive locksmith will program your new remotes or keys by hooking up an expensive scan tool to your vehicle’s diagnostic port and making the vehicle learn the new keys.