Programming Procedure :

You will need key cutting and if you don't have two keys that work already you can use the website listed below to find a local licensed automotive locksmith:

Programming of the Keyless Entry section
1. Open drivers door
2. Hold the high beam selector arm towards you.
3. Insert ignition key and key to first position (acc).
4. Release the high beam selector and then pull and release the high bean selector 4 times.after the 4th time you will hear a chime.
5. Then press the lock button on each remote to program it in.

If you have two working keys that already work you can use the below procedure to program additional keys to your vehicle:
1. Have an automotive locksmith cut the key to match an existing key’s cuts.
2. Insert an existing key into the ignition.
3. Turn the ignition to ON (RUN) and back to OFF.
4. Remove the existing key and within 5 seconds insert the other existing key and turn it to ON (RUN) then back to OFF.
5. Insert the new key before 10 seconds have elapsed, and turn it to ON (RUN). Leave it ON for 1 second and turn back to OFF.
6. The security light will light up for 3 seconds to indicate programming has been successful.