1. Locate the security system control unit mounted under the driver seat.
  2. Rub your finger on the top of the control unit until you find the depression. Push your finger through the label to expose the hole underneath. Inside the hole is a square yellow button. This is the programming button.
  3. Turn the ignition switch ON then OFF.
  4. Press and hold the programming button. Check that the security siren emits four separate chirps followed by a five-chirp burst to confirm that you are in programming mode.
  5. Release the programming button.
  6. After a prompting chirp, press the lock button on the remote. Check that the siren emits a confirmation chirp. If you wait more than 30 seconds after the chirp or between chirps of programming more than one remote the system exists programming mode and emits three chirps.
  7. To program additional remotes wait for another prompting chirp then press the lock button on the remote. You can program up to four remotes.
  8. Turn the ignition ON then OFF to exit programming and store leqarned remotes.