1. Remove key from ignition.
  2. Close all doors.
  3. Open driver’s door and leave it open.
  4. Insert key in ignition, turn key to ON (as far as you can go without starting the engine) and OFF. Remove key from ignition.
  5. Repeat step 4 two more times. Make sure you remove key from ignition each time.
  6. Push driver door frame button three times (black rubber button in driver door frame that tells whether the door is open or closed.) If you can’t find this button then open and close the door three times.
  7. The door locks will cycle or a chime (or buzz) will sound to indicate the vehicle has entered programming mode. If not, wait 40 seconds and return to step 1.
  8. All remotes need to be programmed at this time including old ones. Push any button on a remote two times. A chime will sound or the door locks will cycle to indicate that remote has been learned. Push any button on each additional remote two times to program them. You can program up to three remotes.
  9. After all remotes are programmed wait 15 seconds or until you hear four chimes signaling success.