1. Insert the keys in the ignition and turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN, eight times within 7.5 seconds, ending in RUN. If the vehicle has successfully entered program mode, it will lock and then unlock all doors automatically. All previous remote programming will be erased.
  2. Within 7.5 seconds, press ANY button on a keyless entry remote transmitter. The doors will lock and then unlock to confirm that each keyless entry remote transmitter has been activated. Repeat the previous step for each transmitter that will operate the vehicle. Do not pause for more than 7.5 seconds between each remote. Programming mode ends after 7.5 seconds of inactivity.
  3. If the door locks do not respond for any keyless entry remote transmitter, wait several seconds and press the button again.
  4. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. The vehicle will lock and unlock all doors one last time to confirm.