1. Remove the 3x5 black panel that holds the mirror control switch located just left of the steering wheel. The panel can be gently pried out with a flat object. Do not pry out the mirror control switch itself - it will break if you attempt this. Pry out the larger black panel that houses the mirror control switch.
  2. With the key OUT of the ignition switch, locate and disconnect the MIrror Control Switch from the vehicle harness. The harness plug directly behind the mirror control switch. Grab the harness by the thumb release tab disconnect.
  3. Use the figure to map out your Mirror Control Switch Connector(shown with view looking into the cavities with thumb tab side UP). Using a suitable jumper wire connect terminal number 10, GROUND (white/black) of the 10 cavity mirror control switch connector (SEE PICTURE). The vehicle confirms programming mode by locking/unlocking the power door locks.
  4. Press and release any button on the remote. The vehicle confirms registrations by locking/unlocking the power door locks one again.
  5. To program a second remote repeat step 4.
  6. Disconnect the jumper wire to exit programming mode.