1990-93 Integra with dealer-installed security system

Programming the Transmitter
NOTE: The system uses ROM chips that match the transmitter to the security system control unit. When replacing a lost or stolen transmitter, you need to use the three ROM chips (provided with the new transmitter) to match the old transmitter with the new transmitter and the control unit.
  1. Remove the rear cover from the old transmitter and the new one.
  2. Remove the ROM chip from the old transmitter by sliding its socket holder toward the ROM chip.
  3. Insert a new ROM chip into the socket holder, then slide the socket holder toward the socket to lock the chip in place.
  4. Repeat step 3 to install a ROM chip into the new transmitter.
  5. Reinstall the rear covers on the transmitters.
  6. Remove the secutity systern control unit from under the driver's seat.
  7. Open the access cover on the control unit, and replace the ROM chip. (Use the same procedure as in steps 2 and 3.)
  8. Press the reset button next to the ROM chip.
  9. Close the access cover, and reinstall the control unit.

If you are replacing a damaged transmitter, don't replace the ROM chips in the transmitters and the control unit; just remove the chip from the old transmitter and install it in the new one.

Batteries for the Transmitter

The battery number is CR2025. Each transmitter uses one battery.