Note: A set of matched ROM chips sourced from a Honda dealer is required to add a remote to an existing system.
  1. Unscrew the back of the transmitter and carefully replace the microchip. The microchip is held in place by a brown plastic frame. The frame can be opened by grabbing the thumb grips on opposite sides of the frame and pulling in the direction of the chip. This will allow the current chip to dislodge from the plastic frame for replacement. The chip is extremely fragile and care must be taken to not break the chip while pulling on the frame.
  2. Locate the control module in your vehicle. Most of the time it is installed underneath the driver’s seat. On the underside of the module locate the chip compartment cover – it is similar to a battery cover and houses the chip programming frame.
  3. Open the cover and insert the matching chip into the chip programming frame (it is similar to the plastic frame in the transmitter.)
  4. Locate the reset button adjacent to the chip programming frame in the control module and press it momentarily. The programming button is extremely small and looks similar to the adjacent diodes.
  5. Close the access cover and reinstall the control unit.