1. Step out of the vehicle. Make sure all the doors, trunk, and hood are closed. The security system must be in the disarmed condition. The key should not be in the ignition. Perform step 2-4 within 45 seconds.
  2. Open the trunk and leave it open.
  3. Open the driver door and sit in driver seat.
  4. Close driver door.
  5. Cycle the ignition 5 times within 10 seconds between OFF and ON (as far as it goes without cranking engine). The red security LED will light up and the siren will chirp once to indicate programming mode has been engaged.
  6. Open the driver door and remain seated in the driver seat.
  7. Close the driver door.
  8. Press and release any button on the remote you want to program. The LED will shut off momentarily to indicate that the remote has been learned.
  9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 to program additional remotes including your old remotes.
  10. Open the driver door and exit the vehicle, leaving the door open.
  11. Close the trunk.
  12. Close the driver door. The LED will turn off and the siren will chirp twice.