Ford Mercury Lincoln Remote Start System and Remote Start Add-on Programming


How to program transmitters:

NOTE: Transmitters come pre-programmed with kit. If using transmitters that came with the kit, please ignore this section. Use this section to program replacement or additional transmitters only.

  1. Open the driver's door (press and hold in brake pedal on Remote Start only system - RMST)
    NOTE: On vehicles with negative polarity door ajar switch input circuits (Refer to the vehicle specific programming section), the door is closed during this step unless the door ajar switch input polarity option has been previously changed to negative.
  2. Turn the ignition key to the ON or RUN position;
  3. Press and hold the programming/override button; After 10 seconds the horn will chirp 3 times, indicating the system is now in the transmitter learn mode.
  4. Release the programming/override button;
  5. Press transmitter button 1 (  on RKE/VSS/RMST, except RMST system which is  ) on the remote control transmitter to be programmed. The horn will chirp one time to indicate that the transmitter has been learned.


  1. Up to a total of 8 transmitters can be programmed at this time.
  2. Transmitters shipped with complete kits or personality kits are pre-programmed to the DNA and do not need to be programmed at this time.
  3. If the vehicle is equipped with memory seats/functions, the last two transmitters programmed will activate the memory seats/functions.
  4. All programmed transmitters can be erased from memory by pressing the door trim switch "unlock button" while in transmitter learn mode (requires that the Disarm input and Unlock sense input wires be connected).