1. Enter the five-digit permanent code into the keyless entry keypad. The code is typically written in the owner’s manual, printed on the code card. It may also be printed on a sticker in the trunk on the underside of the trunk lid or on the trunk lid support. If you can not find it the Dealer can provide it from the VIN number.
  2. Within five seconds press 1/2 button.
  3. Within five seconds, press and hold any button on the first remote until the locks cycle to confirm programming success.
  4. Within five seconds press any button on a second remote if you have. Repeat this for all additional remotes including the old ones. You can program up to four.
  5. Press 7/8 and 9/0 together to end programming mode.



  • -If the locks don’t cycle in step 3:
    • Start over but do this before step 1: Insert key and turn to ON position.