IMPORTANT: Before entering programming mode, have in possession all of the transmitters you will be using on the vehicle. Once you program the transmitter, all previous codes will be erased from the memory. The other transmitters will not be functional until you program the transmitters again.

  1. Remove the key from the ignition.
  2. Close all of the doors.
  3. Remove the “MALL PGM” fuse from the fuse panel. Use the legend on the fuse panel or owner’s manual to properly locate the “MALL PGM” fuse.
  4. Insert the keys into the ignition, and turn to the ACC position.
  5. Turn the key to OFF and then back to ACC within 1 second.
  6. Open and close any vehicle door. A chime will be heard when the system enters the programming mode. NOTE: In some rare cases you may also get the chimes and enter programming mode without opening and closing the door.
  7. Press and hold the transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for 14 seconds. IMPORTANT: After 7 seconds, a chime may be heard confirming successful synchronization. It is necessary to wait approximately 14 seconds for a second chime that will confirm successful programming.
  8. Repeat the previous step on each additional transmitter to be programmed (including any existing remotes).
  9. Remove the key from the ignition.
  10. Install the “MALL PGM” fuse back into the fuse panel.