1. Locate the reprogramming connector under driver side dash near the Remote Keyless Entry module. You will need to remove the lower driver side dash trim to access the connector. It Is a RED connector with two wires and may be taped to the wiring harness that ultimately leads up to the keyless entry module.
  2. Short the reprogramming connector terminals together with a suitable jumper wire. Receiver wlll respond by locking and unlocking doors within 2 seconds.
  3. Press any button of the first transmitter to be programmed. The control module wlll respond by locking/unlocking doors and activating rear window release.
  4. Press any button of the second transmitter to be programmed (including old ones, if used). The control module will respond by locking/unlocklng doors and activating the rear window release.
  5. Remove the jumper wire applied to the reprogramming connector.