In the following procedure you will be answering questions with a yes or no response, FAN UP is YES, FAN DOWN is NO.

  1. Insert the key in the ignition and turn to the ON position (as far as you can turn without starting the car).
  2. Press OFF and WARM (temperature up) on the Climate Control Panel simultaneously. The IPC Display will light all telltales, go blank, then enter “Diagnostic Mode.” Note: On Analog IPC’s that use a dial for the temperature control, press the main OFF and PASSENGER COOLER (far right button toggle UP) buttons until “RFA?” is displayed, then press FAN UP.
  3. Press FAN DOWN to scroll through the diagnostic menu until “RFA?” is displayed, then press FAN UP.
  4. Press FAN DOWN until “RFA? OVERIDE” is displayed, then press FAN UP.
  5. “NO OVRD RF S00” is displayed, press FAN UP.
  6. “PGM Fob I S01” is displayed, press the warm button and a “99” will be displayed in the upper corner of IPC Display just below the odometer. The system is now ready to program remote #1.
  7. Press and hold the TRUNK button on the remote and within one second press and hold the LOCK button. Continue to hold both buttons until the locks cycle (you will hear clicks at your power door locks) or until the display changes from “99” to “0”. If the remote has not programmed within 30 seconds after entering “99” override display, the display will return to “0” and then you must go back to step 6 to continue.
  8. To program remote 2, press FAN UP button until “RF s02 Program FOB #2” is displayed, press “WARM” button.
  9. Follow step 7 above to program transmitter #2.
  10. Press the following keys to “EXIT” the system, “RECIRC” or “RESET”.