Depending on which GM Accessory system you have and how it was installed there are two possible ways it can be programmed.

First way:
  1. Cycle the ignition key quickly as follows: ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON.
  2. The door locks will lock then unlock to confirm that you have entered programming mode.
  3. Press the lock button on the remote.
  4. The door locks will lock then unlock to confirm that remote has been learned.
  5. Remove the key to exit programming mode.

The system can store up to four remotes. If you program any more than four then they bump out the first ones.

Second way:
  1. Alarm must be disarmed. Valet mode won’t work. The red LED must be off. If there is no working remote and the alarm sounds when you open the door or start the vehicle then do the following:
  2. Press valet switch for one second and release with the ignition ON. If that doesn’t work then do it with ignition OFF.
  3. Adding a new remote:
  4. Open driver door until the remote is programmed.
  5. Press the valet/program button located under dash on driver’s side.
  6. Turn the ignition to ON.
  7. Within 5 seconds of step 3 press the valet/program switch 1 time, release it, press it again and hold it. You may hear a chirp, beep, or honk.
  8. Within 5 seconds press left button on remote for 2 seconds. You may hear chirp, beep, or honk.
  9. Release the valet/program switch, press again, and release it, press again, hold it. Press the right button on the remote (get chirp, beep, or honk) and release the valet/program switch, press again, release it, press again and hold it. Press both buttons on the remote and get a chirp, beep, or honk.
  10. Release the valet/programming switch.
  11. Turn ignition to OFF.
If this causes one button to perform more than it’s share of functions (e.g. the lock button is now performing lock and unlock) then do this:
Begin the procedure as you would normally, but instead of pressing the valet switch once, then releasing, and then holding, you should press and release the valet switch 8 times, holding it on the 9th. You should receive 8 confirmation beeps. While continuing to hold the valet button, press the top left button of the remote. You should receive another confirmation beep. Release both buttons and then turn the ignition to off to end the procedure. This should correct the issue with your buttons. If the above does not work, try it again pressing the valet switch 7 times and holding it on the 8th.