How much does a locksmith cost?
Every locksmith has its own ideas of pricing. Key cutting can cost $2-$25, depending on the type of key. Both key fobs and ignition key programming can range in cost between $40 and $150, depending on what tools and software were used to program them. Car lockouts are usually from $50-$100. Key extraction and re-keying locks vary too greatly to state a range. If you don’t have an existing key to copy, or don’t know what your car’s key code is then it could add $10-$100 extra if the locksmith orders the key code by VIN rather than using other techniques to learn the key code which can take a lot more time and effort.

Why would someone need a locksmith?
Well, if you’re into saving money while getting the service you need, then choosing a Locksmith would be the best choice. Professional locksmiths own all kinds of tools to make a new key and program a new remote. Not all remotes and keys require the help of a professional but, most newer vehicle models were built without the user programming feature. Some car owners prefer taking their cars and new keys/remotes to the dealership without realizing they are spending a fortune for a service that they can get from automotive locksmiths at a lower cost and better quality..

How can you save even more?
Buy keys online from us before you visit the locksmith. When there is onboard programming, orders are shipped with programming instructions. Even when your vehicle isn’t onboard programmable you will still save on the key and key fobs themselves. This is because the locksmith marks up the price of the items as well as charges for the service of key cutting and remote or key programming.

We carry both OEM and replacement products. OEM items will be the exact same as if it was bought at the dealership. The Avicero items are the ones we make as less expensive replacements for the factory remotes. All remotes are tested on Santronics Keyless Entry Testers before they are shipped to you.

Free expert tech support is included with purchases. Batteries are always included with products that use batteries. Most of the items you will get within 3-5 days.

What are the things you need to do to get a new key?
Getting a new keyfob is usually easy but on some vehicles, it can sometimes be challenging. Some cars have multiple choices of what possibly can work. Only selecting the right one will be successful. Often, calling the dealership parts department with your VIN number will result in getting the correct part number so there is no question about if the remote is correct as long as you order by that part number.

Some vehicles, especially newer ones, were designed without the ability to programming remotes and keys without special tools and software. This means they need a special diagnostic computer called a “scan tool” in order to communicate with the car’s computer to make the vehicle learn the codes from the remote or key.

Getting a new key made or key fob programmed by a locksmith can be super simple or in rare cases can be complex. If you lost all keys to the vehicle then make sure you bring your driver’s license and either registration or title of the car to prove to the locksmith that you are the legitimate owner of the car.

Some locksmiths can’t cut/program a specific key or keyless remote because they don’t have the proper equipment. In the United States, it is very common to find a locksmith that isn’t equipped to make exotic keys for European vehicles like BMW and Mercedez Benz. Those locksmiths usually refer you to the dealership but really they simply don’t own the proper tools to do the job for you.

Not every “locksmith” knows what they are doing. Locksmiths who are legit masters of the craft have their locksmith license numbers and state credentials handy to show you they are legit. Masters of locksmithing tend to attend classes every couple of years to advance their knowledge and learn about new tools, strategies, and inventory.

Are all automotive locksmiths trustworthy?
Most of them are but watch out for scammers. These are unlicensed locksmiths who tend to use bait and switch tactics. They quote one price over the phone but when they get to your car they jack the price or say that price was just to come to look at your situation. That’s in the best-case scenario! What tends to happen frequently is that these unlicensed subcontractors pretending to be “mobile automotive locksmiths” cause damage to your car. Then they want to charge extra to fix it - if they even can fix it! Just asking to see their locksmith license, accreditations, and/or bonded business insurance will weed out those scammers before they start messing up your car and wallet.

How to look for a locksmith?
There are a lot of ways to look for a locksmith but some methods stand out from the rest. Let us give you a list of ways of how to look for Professional Locksmiths.

1. Look for a logo indicating membership to a Locksmith Association, like ALOA and others in North America.

Membership not only has a cost to the locksmith in dues, but periodic classes must also be taken to get certifications and accreditations.

2. Ask your friends, parents, and colleagues for recommendations

In looking for a good locksmith, it can be a good idea to ask your friends and family for a recommendation. The use of locksmith service is quite common, and it’s a safe bet that you may have a friend or two who can recommend a locksmith that did great work for them in the past.

3. Ask us for a recommendation.

We are now 2 decades in this business and it’s likely that we are supplying a locksmith who serves your area.

4. Find a locksmith on Bing, Google or any other well-known Search Engines on the internet

But you need to be very careful when doing this. A lot of the time the paid Google advertisements for locksmiths are actually ads for the scammers I was telling you about earlier. National call centers who farm out work to maintenance companies who are not qualified to do what you need.

The best advice we can give when looking for locksmiths online is to visit to look for locksmiths near you. It’s very easy and simple. Afterward, you should leave a review about that locksmith to help the community.